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Green Screen, also known as Chroma-Key technology, is a great way to increase the overall experience and fun at your next event. Customize the background image (and printouts/digital sharing) using ANY background photo image or video file, to create the ultimate "wow factor", you and others will enjoy. Adding the "Green Screen" add-on option, to the "Basic" photo booth service, will greatly enhance your guests' photo booth and/or video booth experience to the next level. You will NOT be disappointed! 

Starr Photo Booth is the ORIGINAL green screen photo booth service provider and operator in Arizona. We have been offering Green Screen Photo Booth and Green Screen Video Booth services since we launched this business back in 2012. Today, there are only a few professional Green Screen Photo and Video Booth operators in the Phoenix metro area offering this very unique service. Because we have prior years of technical experience and knowledge with videography and photography, we are able to provide this specialized service to you, the right way. Be careful of other photo booth or DJ companies that offer green screen photo booth services in Phoenix, as an extra service. If they are not familiar, or experts on how to use it or understand the advanced technical set up (and LED lighting) needed for Green Screen, you might be very disappointed. We can answer all of your questions regarding the green screen photo technology services in detail. 

Watch the VIDEO on our Green Screen Photo Booth

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is GREEN SCREEN and How does it work?

Green Screen, AKA Chroma key, is a technique used in movies (film), videos and photos, to replace a portion of an image (in the green area) with a new image. This is used to replaced a colored background (usually GREEN, sometimes BLUE) with a different background setting or image. The subject "You", the camera takes a photo of, is superimposed (layered) on the forefront of the background. The background is the image you will choose at the booth, on the screen, before the photo is taken. Chroma Key technology has been around for many years and you can see this used on TV everyday (weather maps and more). This photo sample, below, shows a shot taken against a green screen backdrop, before image (left) and after (middle and right).

green-screen Sample trio.jpg

As you can see, the image(s), behind the people standing in the forefront, can be changed to ANY image, since the camera is programmed to incorporate a pre-programmed image onto anything that has the green screen color. Starr Photo Booth was first in Arizona to use this technology by incorporating this into our photo booth services in Phoenix (as an upgraded option), so you and your guests can experience multiple background options, from a pre-selected menu, chosen at the photo booth, at your next event.

  • Can I select the images for the GREEN SCREEN backgrounds and how many do I get?

YES. If you have the images for the backgrounds for the green screen, send them to us. If not, we can select the best background images from our library of thousands of HD quality images, based on your event theme and/or requests. We suggest no more than 6-8 background choices for your guests to choose from at the booth. All pre-selected background choices, you pre-approve, MUST be and pre-programmed, into the computer, prior to your event, and cannot be modified or changed during the event. 

  • What is the difference between the BASIC and GREEN SCREEN (option) photo booth?

Both include the same “photo booth” equipment. The only difference is, we replace the basic backdrop (Black, white, light blue, red, etc) sheet, with a custom green backdrop sheet. A green screen photo booth also requires additional special LED lighting (we bring with us and is included), plus more specialized computer programming prior to your event, to customize the background choices for your event, we will discuss and go over with you a week prior to your event date.

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