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These are the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive at Starr Photo Booth. Hopefully you can find the answer(s) to your question(s), but if you don’t, please call us at 480-999-3065.

  • How much do you charge for your services?

It all depends on your event date and time of day, how many hours, plus the type of photo booth you would like to have at your event. Additionally, which OPTIONS you would like to add (green screen, digital sharing, video messaging, wireless printing (for the mobile photo booth), etc). So, to provide you with our BEST price quote, we need to hear from you one of the following ways:

       ♦ You can call us:  480-999-3065.

       ♦ Complete the online FREE PRICE QUOTE form: Click Here

  • What is included with BASIC and MOBILE Photo Booth service?

Our BASIC photo booth comes fully loaded with everything you need to make your event fun. Our Mobile booth services are unique and offer a different experience.  Click HERE to learn more about "What you Get" and review the add-ons (Green screen, Digital Sharing, etc), you might want to include. 

  • What do you require at the setup location?

For the Standard (Basic) and Green Screen booths, we require a 10x10 set up area and one grounded 15 Amp dedicated (standard) outlet and one 6 foot (banquet style) table w/ linen or a table cover, for our props. We also require FLAT GROUND (flooring or carpeting) for the set up area. We can not set up on a slope or on gravel, dirt, or most grass. Artificial grass is fine as long as it’s completely flat

  • How much space do you need for the photo booth?

We need approx. a 8’x10′ space to set up the open air standard and green screen booths. This provides us with enough space for the booth equipment, backdrop and prop table.

  • Can the booth be set up or used OUTSIDE?

Yes… BUT, not in the direct sunlight, or in temperatures over 85º. The equipment always need 100% shade and the equipment can not get wet (rain). Wind is a factor too for the backdrop. Any wind can knock it over. There are options for these situations.

*Excessive heat will shut down the booth’s computer, camera, iPad and/or printer. Temperatures over 85º could shut down the electronic equipment. All modern electronic equipment has automatic thermal shutoffs to protect the equipment from overheating and causing damage to the microchips and other parts, at all times. This is beyond our control. 

  • How long does it take to set up the booth, and get fully operational, once you arrive?

Our Standard (or green screen) photo booth, takes approximately 30-45 minutes, once we get all of the equipment into the setup area.

For our Selfie Booth, this takes about 15 minutes.

Our Roving mobile booth is ready to go within 5 minutes from the time we arrive.

  • What time will you arrive at our event to set up?

We will arrive approximately 1 hour prior to the event start time for the standard and green screen booths. Most often, we will arrive even earlier. Our Mobile roving booth, about 5 minutes and our Selfie booth, about 15 minutes.

  • If I need the booth set up earlier, than the general time of 1 hour you arrive, is this an option?

Yes. Depending on the amount of “extra” time you require us to set up the booth, will depend if there will be any additional charges. These are assessed on a case-by-case situation. Therefore, tell us what you need, and we will make it happen.

  • Do you offer "Down Time" during the event?

Yes. We can shut down the booth at any time based on your request. If there are certain times you require this, please let us know prior to your event so we can add your request to the work order for the staff. If the "down time" is longer than 1 hour, we do offer a discount rate (during this down time), if the booth needs to become inactive for a long period of time. 

  • How many photo sessions do we get?

You get UNLIMITED photo sessions. Therefore, we recommend and invite everyone to come back many times to get more photos.

  • Does each person in the photo session get a copy of the printout?

Yes! With our standard and Green Screen booths, we will print a copy for each person in the photo session. For example, if there are 5 people in the photo session, we will print 5 copies - No questions asked! NOTE: Other photo booth companies will only print out 1 or 2 copies, and charge extra for more prints. We NEVER charge for extra prints. We want everyone to have a copy of the photo(s) they were in. 

  • Can I get printouts with the MOBILE "Roving" or "Selfie" booths?  

Yes! We offer wireless printing as an optional add-on for an extra fee.

  • Will I receive copies of the photos after the event is over?

Yes! We will send you an HD digital copy of each photo session the business next day. A special download link will be sent (via email) to you to upload all of the photos onto your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Will someone be there to manage the booth during our event?

Yes, all photo booth services include a full-time photo booth attendant/host, except the "Selfie" booth set up.

  • Are PROPS included?

Yes, props are ALWAYS included! Our FUN Photo Booth Props include: Hats, glasses, boas, beads, and more! View Props

Virtual props are included with our Mobile "Roving" or "Selfie" booth.

  • Can I choose COLOR or BLACK & WHITE or Filters for the photos?

Yes. If you want Black/White and/or photo filters, you can add this as an OPTION with your photo booth order. All photos are standard in color.

  • Can I see myself on the screen at the booth?

Yes, you sure can! Each booth includes a large HD video monitor with a mirrored image of you and a count down to each photo taken. Additionally, with our standard and green screen booths, a 2nd video screen is attached on the back of the booth.

  • How MANY people can fit in one photo at the booth?

As many as you can cram into the area. As long as you can see yourself on the screen, you’re in the photo! We’ve had up to 12 people in one photo session. It’s crowed, but you can do it!

  • Open-Air Booth VS Enclosed Booth?

An OPEN-AIR photo booth is our standard and most popular photo booth set up. We can set this up as a Green Screen photo booth (optional/upgrade) or a basic backdrop (Black, Light Blue, Black/white mix, Red or White). An Open Air Photo Booth (standard set up) provides more space for more people to get in the photo, plus it is a lot more inviting and fun. The Enclosed “canopy” set up is available for an additional fee (option). It’s far less popular and there are limitations to the enclosed booth, since it holds up to 6 people and it’s more difficult to change props within a session. To view photos of our “Open-Air Photo Booth” and “Enclosed Photo Booth”, you can view them under the “Our Booth” link in the menu above.

  • Are your prices competitive?

Yes, we think so. We know what other photo booth companies charge, and we know we are not the cheapest or most expensive. But, you do get what you pay for, so be VERY careful of the very cheap offers and prices for this service. Experience, service, and the quality of the equipment is very important for a fun and successful event.

  • Do you offer GREEN SCREEN technology with your photo booths?

Yes! In fact Starr Photo Booth is the original green screen photo booth operator in Arizona. We have been offering this since we began back in 2012. There are only a few Green Screen Photo Booth operators in the Phoenix metro area and the others do not offer the extended service and/or knowledge since our background is in video and photography. If they don’t know how to use it or understand the advanced technical set up (and LED lighting) needed for Green Screen, you might be very disappointed. Go with the pros, that’s us!


Our Mobile "roving" and "selfie" booths includes a "virtual" green screen feature which does not require a backdrop. Very cool!

  • Can I select the images for the GREEN SCREEN backgrounds and how many do I get?

YES. If you have the images for the backgrounds for the green screen, send them to us. If not, we can select the best background images from our library of thousands of themed images. You will receive up to 4 images as backgrounds if you include the optional green screen with your photo booth rental.

  • How does the GREEN SCREEN work?

Green screen technology has been around for years. You see it on the news all of the time, with the weather maps. The image behind the person standing in front of the camera can change the images behind them since the camera is programmed to incorporate a programmed image onto anything that has the green screen color. So, Starr Photo Booth, took that technology and incorporated this into our photo booth (as an upgraded option), so you can choose a variety of backgrounds (selected at the photo booth) at your photo booth session.

The actual green screen backdrop, with our green screen photo booth, provides the best backdrop photo quality. The mobile booth, using technology without an actual green screen backdrop, using the iPad Pro, is good and works well, but not as good as an actual green screen you stand in front of.

> Learn more about GREEN SCREEN - HERE

  • What is the difference between the BASIC/Standard and GREEN SCREEN (option) photo booth?

Both include the same “photo booth” equipment. The only difference is, we replace the basic backdrop with a custom green screen backdrop. The green screen photo booth also requires additional special LED lighting (we will bring with us), and additional computer programming, prior to your event, to customize the background choices, you pre-selected for your event. Read more

  • How does the VIDEO MESSAGING (option) work?

Your guests can leave a short HD video recorded message (up to 30 seconds) before and/or after their photo session. We will provide a wireless mic so their voices can be heard. You’ll receive a copy of each video recorded message the next day along with a copy of your digital photos. We will edit the messages (beginning and end) so the video file of message are ready for viewing on any digital device.

  • What is DIGITAL SHARING (option)?

Digital sharing allows anyone to digitally send their photo session to their phone, via text or email. Plus, you have the option to also post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We bring the WiFi unit (included in this option), so the photos are posted immediately. We also bring our iPad (or tablet) so you can send the photos digitally, in addition to the printed copy. It’s one of our most popular options!

  • If I include the SCRAP/MEMORY BOOK (option), what do I get and how does this work?

You get a really nice leather bound 50 page scrap style book (size: 11″x11″). It’s black with protected pages.  Each photo session that is taken, we will print an extra copy and paste it on a page in the book for your guest (in that photo session) to write something to the guest(s) of honor. We also bring the pens and special markers (multiple colors) to write on the pages. The book is yours to keep as a great keep sake.

We also offer CUSTOMIZED covered books, with a variety of book cover styles, that include your name, image, logo, etc. We have samples to show you, in person, if you’re interested.

  • Can you explain the TRUSS option in more detail?

Our truss option is required for most outdoor events. These are used to bring more attraction and excitement to the backdrop and booth. But mostly, these are used to hold up our large 10′ backdrops from blowing over (outside), due to any wind. Backdrops, banners, etc, act like a “sail” in the wind, and in AZ we do get guts of wind. Therefore, if you’re plan is to put the photo booth outside, we require these for additional support and it looks cool too. Each truss (2) is 10′ tall and includes an LED up-light that can be programmed to any color to match your theme. You can view many photos of this option on our site. View Photo

  • Do I have to pay any extra for the photos and can I share (post) the photos online?

We do NOT charge for digital copies of the photos. INCLUDED! You already paid us for the services, so all of the digital copies are yours to keep, so you can do whatever you want with them. You are free to post them online and share with anyone you desire.

  • What happens if there is a problem with the photo booth?

Our professionally trained photo booth attendant is there to fix any problems. These are rare, but they could occur, let’s be real! All of our equipment is new and carefully taken care of, so any problems are minimal and simple to fix.

  • If I decide to hire Starr Photo Booth, what is required to reserve a photo booth for my event?

We require a 50% deposit (we accept all major credit cards, Venmo and PayPal), plus a signed agreement.

  • When is the balance due?

Your balance is due no less than 10 days prior to your event date. Again, we accept all major credit cards, Venmo and PayPal.

  • Will you CUSTOM DESIGN the printout so it’s unique for my event?

YES! Our graphic designers will create a unique layout that matches your theme or event. If you have a special image or logo, send it to us and we will incorporate it onto the printout. Plus, we will include any text or statement on the printout. You tell us what you want, and we will make it happen! There is NO charge for this. It’s included in our prices.

  • Can I see a proof of the design before the event date?

Yes, of course. We will send you a copy of the photo printout design for you to approve.

  • What SIZES are the photo printouts?

Our standard 4×6 printout, allows up to 4 photos and as little as 1. The old fashion Photo strips (2×6) allows up to 3 photos, but they are much smaller images since space is limited. We strongly recommend the 4×6 size. There is NO difference in the price, but you will need to chose one or the other. We have an option for larger printouts (5x7), which includes an additional fee, since this size paper is more expensive. 

  • Can I talk to my photo booth operator (attendant) prior to my event date?

Yes. Your assigned photo booth attendant will contact you a few days prior to your event date to confirm the location address, discuss the area to set up the booth at the location, confirm the time of your event (start to finish, according to the signed agreement), and answer any questions you have.

  • Can you provide me with references?

Yes, of course. We have thousands of satisfied customers (private and corporate/company events). Ask us, and we will email you a list of people you can contact directly. 

  • Do you have any reviews online?

Yes, we do and we encourage you to search online for any comments and feedback. We have a few reviews posted on our website HERE.

  • What happens if I booked your services and decided to cancel?

That’s a good question. Our cancellation policy is simple and is fully explained clearly in the agreement. Each situation is different, so instead of writing a few paragraphs about our cancellation policy, we can explain this on the phone or you can read it in the agreement. We strongly suggest you read and understand the agreement and ask us any questions before entering into the agreement (this advise goes for any service you hire).

If you did not see your question above, please call us at 480-999-3065.

We are here to help!!

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